Meet Odie

This is Odie. Odie is about two years old, and sweet as the come. Odie is no ordinary cat. He is the office cat at my work. Some people might think that having a cat roaming around an animal hospital is miserable, but Odie doesn’t seem to mind. He loves to hang out in the fax room and snoop in my purse. You can also find Odie upstairs in the food storage room sniffing the bags of food and hiding behind boxes of purged medical records. Every day Odie gets lots of love and playtime, and unlimited food and treats!  Pretty good life if you ask me.

Oh Odie, you are a handsome beast!


Happy 1st Birthday Bandit!

Today is Bandit’s 1st birthday.”Wait a minute, he is only one?!” is the comment I’ve heard the most. “But he is sooooo big!” Yes, Bandit is 12 pounds of pure muscle, which is why I like to call him my Big Bubba. Well, his first birthday is a big deal to me and I figured we would celebrate accordingly. Bandit got  a new cat nip mouse, and was a pretty good sport about wearing his birthday hat. No, there wasn’t any tuna flavored cake, but he did get lots of treats and extra cuddles.


Luna’s First Bath

I’m not one of those cat owners who believes it is necessary to bathe their cats, although I do wipe my cats down with hypoallergenic kitty wipes. Today however, Luna had a huge litter box blow out on my lunch break from work and wound up with a very nasty mess all over her body. How on Earth did that happen?! Needless to say, the wipes just didn’t cut it. Fortunately, I work at an animal hospital and the doctor on staff today offered to bathe her for me.

Although Luna is a sweet angel at home (most of the time), she is an entirely different beast at the vet. I was absolutely certain that they would need to sedate her to give her a bath, and so, very nervously, I handed her over to be tortured…I mean…bathed. They kindly asked me to leave the room so as not to make her more nervous, and I went back to the front desk to finish my work. I listened closely for screams, both feline and human, and half expected the doctor and technicians to come out with bloody scratch marks all over their arms. I was shocked when they came out with Luna all wrapped in a towel to dry only a few minutes later.

Was that all?! Why was I so sure it was going to be a disaster? Luna was trembling with fear and not at all happy, but she remained calm wrapped like a kitty burrito. They said she was a perfect angel during her bath and only meowed once. I gratefully held my sweet Luna and gave her lots of kisses on her nose, and she quickly stopped trembling and even fell asleep in my arms. I’m so proud of my little Lu on her very first bath day! She was so well behaved, smells so fresh and looks so fluffy. Well that wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe bathing my cats is a good idea.

Ohhhh Bandit….!

Let’s Snuggle

I’m always trying to get pictures of Luna and Bandit together, but they every time I see them being cute and pull out the camera they run away. This was a rare moment in which I was able to snap the picture before they noticed.

They try to hide the fact that they are best buddies but every now and then I’m faster than they are. Aren’t they cute?!

In Need Of A Cat Nap

Everyone needs a cat nap now and then, and I can’t resist the thought of napping in this luxurious bedding. Set the atmosphere for relaxation with this pet friendly aromatherapy warmer. The cats can snuggle up with this non-toxic lavender filled lamb, in this plush kitty sleep bag.  Doesn’t it look cozy? Happy napping!

Introducing Bandit

This is the newest addition to my family, Bandit. Poor little guy had a rough start. When I found him on September 11th 2011, Bandit was 5 months old, malnourished, full of fleas, covered in car grease and he had a pretty severe burn on his nose. The vet thought he probably rubbed up against a car muffler, face first. Luckily, lots of love and some very special burn cream did the trick, and his nose healed pretty quickly.

I don’t know who is luckier…Bandit, who found his way to a great home, or me. I believe everything happens for a reason. Bandit needed a home, Luna needed a buddy, and I need them both. Now I’ve got the two best cats in the world!

Well Hello Old Friends!

Well hello old friends! As you may have noticed I’ve been MIA for the past 9 months. This was due in part to the fact that I’ve been so busy (I finished my thesis and graduated with my Master’s Degree) and also due to my feelings about my blog. I’m new to this blog business and had been feeling like my blog was a little pathetic compared to everyone else’s. Today I read a wonderful and inspiring post on my sister’s brilliant blog “Freutcake“, which spoke to me. She wrote about how blogging isn’t a competition, but an opportunity to share what you love with the world. Why hadn’t I accepted that earlier?

Now I’m back to blogging and I’m doing it for me. There are so many fabulous bloggers out there with so many great things to say, and I am happy to read their posts and leave comments… but I’m just as happy to write my own posts that may never receive comments. I do it because its fun.

I feel liberated!

So much has happened in these past 9 months. I’m so sad to say that only a couple short months after my post about my neighbor’s cat Marley, poor Marley passed away. He had been very sick for over a month and his mom decided it was just too cruel to keep him alive while he was suffering. He is missed.

Some happy news though…in September, a sweet little tuxedo kitten appeared in my yard. I caught him and tried to find his home without any luck. I decided to foster him while trying to find a family to take him but in the mean time, he and Luna were becoming attached. As the weeks passed “Bandit” got bigger and bigger and I continued to take care of him; getting him his vaccinations, taking him to get neutered, and wouldn’t you know it I got attached to him too! Well I’m sure you guessed it, Bandit is now a member of the family. He is now nine and a half months old and looks like a black and white panther! Luna loves playing big sis and it’s obvious he is thrilled to have all the love, affection and FOOD he could ever want! We all got lucky this time.

I’m glad to be back. I can’t promise a post every week but I’ll do my best to keep them coming when I can, and stay tuned for updates on Luna and Bandit!