Partners in Crime

Every now and then, I catch Luna and Bandit pairing up like partners in crime to do something they are not allowed to do. Occasionally I find Bandit standing watch while Luna gets into mischief on top of the refrigerator, other times Luna distracts me while Bandit steals my food. This time, the cats found one of those rubber armbands and they stole it. I found them in the bedroom being mischievous little rascals.

Can’t you just see the silent conversation?…Image

“La la la, I love to steal Mama’s things. This armband is mine now. Hehehe.”


“Oh no! I pushed it under the door and I can’t reach it!”


“Bandit, help me! My little arms don’t reach that far.”


“See Bandit, its right under the door.”


“Ok, this is what we’re going to do. I’ll keep watch and you get the armband. But be quiet so Mama doesn’t hear us. We aren’t supposed to play with her things!”


“Rawr! I will shred this door to bits so my Luna can have her armband!”


“No, no, no Bandit, you just keep watch and maybe I can reach it if I really try.”


“Just a little further…”


“Got It! Good greif, this armband was not worth the trouble.”


One comment on “Partners in Crime

  1. MaryAnne says:

    You’ve got to send the link to my other email. They are too cute. Maybe there’s a picture book in this???

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