Merry Christmas!

On this day three years ago, I rescued Luna from one of the worst high kill animal shelters in southern California. There were so many adorable kittens packed like sardines into tiny 2×2 cages, but she was the only one that sat right in front and stared at me. Her big blue eyes just melted my heart and I was hooked. Sure, I played with the other kittens in her jail cell, but I knew from the start that she was my Luna. She was my Christmas Kitty.







Three years later, she has grown so much and her fur has completely changed, but when I look at those big blue eyes, I see her as she was on that rainy Christmas Eve; tiny, scared, beautiful, perfect.

Christmas is always a very special time of year for many reasons, but for me, Christmas will always be the time of year when the hole in my heart was filled with love for the most wonderful kitty in the world. Over the years, new companions have entered the picture. Bandit has become Luna’s very best friend, and another hole I didn’t realize I had was filled again with love for him.



Christmas also happens to be the time of year when Luna and Bandit become extremely mischievous. They like to make a game out of chasing each other around and up (yes, I said up) to the top of the Christmas tree. Broken ornaments are to be expected, and this year, Bandit even ate part of one.


I can’t imagine that a very old dried up starfish covered in paint and glitter would taste very good, but he certainly didn’t want to give up the remaining pieces when I found out what he was up to!

Luna enjoys hiding behind the tree and presents to ambush Bandit as he passes by.


Throughout the year I am reminded how lucky I am to be the mama of such sweet and rascally cats Bandit, and Luna, my Christmas Kitty. Hold your pets close and give them Christmas kisses! There’s no better Christmas gift than love  from your four legged companions.

Merry Christmas!


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