Luna Likes Watermelon!

I have fond memories of sitting under the fruit trees in my yard as a kid and eating so much watermelon I felt ready to burst. The cool sticky juice would run down my chin and all over my hands, and I didn’t even mind. That’s the beauty of being a kid in the summertime. Well, one summer when I was about ten years old, I ate so much watermelon that I couldn’t bear to eat another bite. That feeling lasted me almost eighteen years!

Just this last month, I started to want watermelon again. Why after so long? I don’t know; maybe because this summer has been hellishly hot, or maybe because the mini watermelons at the market have been on sale and I’ve been craving something light and refreshing. Anyway, I’ve been eating watermelon every day now for the past few weeks. I just can’t get enough!

As I was snacking on a slice a few days ago, Luna came up and started sniffing around. I remember seeing a YouTube video of a cat eating watermelon, and thought maybe Luna would like to eat a little bit. I’m definitely not one of those cat owners who likes to feed their pets human food, but occasionally Luna gets a treat. She especially enjoys crunching on raw green beans! Well, I ate most of the slice of watermelon and then held the last bit out for Luna. She liked it!

I guess human kids aren’t the only ones who need a refreshing summertime treat every now and then.

Check out the video here!


4 comments on “Luna Likes Watermelon!

  1. Charli says:

    Ginger says to tell Luna, “Stop showing off! Cats only eat fishy food and catnip!”

  2. Denise says:

    My Sebastian loves it too and he’s the picky one of the bunch!

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