Luna’s First Bath

I’m not one of those cat owners who believes it is necessary to bathe their cats, although I do wipe my cats down with hypoallergenic kitty wipes. Today however, Luna had a huge litter box blow out on my lunch break from work and wound up with a very nasty mess all over her body. How on Earth did that happen?! Needless to say, the wipes just didn’t cut it. Fortunately, I work at an animal hospital and the doctor on staff today offered to bathe her for me.

Although Luna is a sweet angel at home (most of the time), she is an entirely different beast at the vet. I was absolutely certain that they would need to sedate her to give her a bath, and so, very nervously, I handed her over to be tortured…I mean…bathed. They kindly asked me to leave the room so as not to make her more nervous, and I went back to the front desk to finish my work. I listened closely for screams, both feline and human, and half expected the doctor and technicians to come out with bloody scratch marks all over their arms. I was shocked when they came out with Luna all wrapped in a towel to dry only a few minutes later.

Was that all?! Why was I so sure it was going to be a disaster? Luna was trembling with fear and not at all happy, but she remained calm wrapped like a kitty burrito. They said she was a perfect angel during her bath and only meowed once. I gratefully held my sweet Luna and gave her lots of kisses on her nose, and she quickly stopped trembling and even fell asleep in my arms. I’m so proud of my little Lu on her very first bath day! She was so well behaved, smells so fresh and looks so fluffy. Well that wasn’t so bad after all. Maybe bathing my cats is a good idea.

Ohhhh Bandit….!


3 comments on “Luna’s First Bath

  1. Leah says:

    Haha! That’s hilarious. Luna does not look like a happy kitty burrito. 🙂

  2. MaryAnne says:

    She looks content to be clean and cuddled.

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