Meet Marley

Meet Marley.

Marley is my neighbor Annie’s cat, who I think is about 10 years old. He was adopted after his original owner moved and left him behind (who does something like that?!). After about a year of roaming around the neighborhood, getting beaten up by tougher neighborhood cats and generally fending for himself, Annie took him in and gave him some much needed love and attention.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but at first I was kind of freaked out by Marley. This was mostly because of his ridiculously large yellow fangs and his rather disturbing left eye. It took awhile for us to warm up to each other, but now we share a fondness for each other’s company. Marley loves to have the backs of his ears scratched and to be told how handsome he is.

I often find him staring in my front window in the evening, and sometimes in the afternoon. It can be rather startling sometimes, and I have on occasion been made to jump when I turn to find a face looking at me unexpectedly. He just comes by to say hello.

Luna is VERY interested in Marley, although the interest is not really mutual. He sometimes comes over to sniff her for a moment, but she is trying to sniff him long after he has decided to move on. I caught them today looking at each other through the front screen and wondered what each was thinking.

Because Marley has been attacked so many times he is a big scaredy cat, but I hope he and Luna will become friends someday.


4 comments on “Meet Marley

  1. freutcake says:

    I see what your saying about his eye! A little startling at first…but he looks like our old cat Bully but skinnier and without the scars!

  2. Yes he is like Bully! Except Bully lived up to his name, and Marley is very peaceful.

  3. Tyn says:

    Marley is so handsome!! Hey, think I almost lived in that bungalow complex you are in. I missed out by 1 hour!

  4. […] so sad to say that only a couple short months after my post about my neighbor’s cat Marley, poor Marley passed away. He had been very sick for over a month and his mom decided it was just […]

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