The Dreaded Trip to the Vet

Today, Luna and I had to make the dreaded trip to the vet. Nothing is wrong luckily, but she had to get her annual exam and vaccinations. What a fiasco! Trying to get her into her kitty carrier is truly like a wrestling match between cat and human.  After about 3o minutes of chasing, scruffing, scratches and cat hair flying all over the place I was finally able to get her all tucked in.

Then at the vet, she got a thorough exam (for which she was a perfect angel) and three shots during which she had a minor freak out and came out of the room trembling and shedding like crazy. My poor baby! I felt so bad for her.

When we got home she hesitantly poked her head out of the carrier, realized she was safe and bolted for one of her hiding spots behind the curtain in the breakfast nook window. I managed to lure her out with her favorite “kiss kiss treats” but didn’t require kisses to get one. She seemed to calm down after that but was still avoiding me and looking at me with distrust. Finally after hours of avoidance, she decided to come snuggle.

Hooray! I am forgiven!



3 comments on “The Dreaded Trip to the Vet

  1. Leah B says:

    Aww poor baby Luna…glad she’s ok.

  2. Katie Lowry says:

    Poor Luna! Do you go to the vet thats across the street from you?

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