On The Catwalk

No, not a post about modeling. I am one of those people who take their cat on walks. Yes, Luna has her very own harness and leash, and loves going out for walks in our yard. I think it might just be her favorite part of the day. We do this every day and she gets very rascally if we can’t go out for any reason.

Here is a play by play of her typical outdoors time:

***       Make a beeline for her favorite bush.       ***

***       Spend 5 minutes sniffing favorite bush.       ***

***       Sit under big tree for 10 minutes.       ***

***       Watch birds in tree with fascination.       ***

***       Chatter at birds because she can’t get to them.       ***

***       Go back to the bush and sniff for another 5 minutes.       ***

***       Swat at gnats.       ***

***       Roll in the grass.       ***

***       Nibble the grass.       ***

***       Play tag with the neighbors little dogs.      ***

***       Nibble more grass.***

***       Ooh a bee!      ***

***       Try to eat the bee before I grab her and run inside.       ***

Luna sure is one fun little kitty!




3 comments on “On The Catwalk

  1. freutcake says:

    Love it! My favorite line is…
    Ooh a bee!
    Try to eat the bee before I grab her and run inside.

  2. you are my hero! so great that you do this. my looey just started hanging out on a harness out side because he used to leave on long journeys, but the harness has been the best way to allow for safe and fun times outdoors. meow!

    • Thank you Bianca! I never intended to walk my cat, but when she was about 5 months old I realized that she was missing out on valuable experiences by living completely indoors. I live on a busy street though and wanted to make sure she was safe. I think the harness is the perfect way to give her what she wants and needs, and at the same time I know she is safe!

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